3M - Retrofit Cartridges

The 3M Water Filtration line of filtration products are carefully designed to protect beverage equipment, provide consistent beverage quality, and ensure seamless beverage service.

3M Water Filtration retrofit cartridges upgrade the performance of existing competitive systems with the same premium performance and design characteristics.

The cartridge design offers simple change outs while minimising corrosion potential often seen in metallic housings.
The sanitary quick change design minimises contamination of the filtration media, while the compact design allows the unit to be installed conveniently behind the beverage unit or under a cabinet.
The housing is durable and shatter-resistant, minimising the potential for leaks.

System materials are FDA, CFR-21 compliant for use in food and beverage applications. Cartidges are 3rd party certified for design and performance.

Premium carbon technologies are available for differing water conditions.

Maximum Operating Temperature is: 38°C
Maximum Operating Pressure is: 125 psi