Aquada UV

Choose the system that's right for you.

There are three Aquada models to choose from. Each is available in five different sizes depending on the flow requirements of your home or business. Whether you prefer the economical Altima model, the feature packed Proxima or the high specification Maxima, there is an Aquada model to meet everyone's needs. And because every Aquada model is designed to deliver the UV dose recommended by many regulatory and safety agencies, including the NSF, you can be sure that your water will always be safely and effectively disinfected.

Where do I install my AQUADA UV system? 

Depending on the water source for your home or business pre-treatment solution requirements may vary. While other treatment steps can be important for improving the taste, clarity and other characteristics of your water, only UV can provide you with reliable, chemical free disinfection for safety and peace of mind.Aquada UV systems are available in five sizes to meet the needs of every household. The maximum flow capacity in your home will determine which size you require. After determining the size required, you may choose the model (Altima, Proxima or Maxima) with the features that match your needs and budget. See the selection chart on the reverse side to review the features of each model.