Cuno - Series 9000 Cartridges

The CUNO® CFS9812X cartridge offers enhanced technology for ultra-fine filtration and cyst reduction to expand the capabilities of existing competitors systems.

The CFS912X cyst reduction cartridge utilizes premium, activated carbon in a compressed format for ultra-fine filtration to 0.5 micron and cyst reduction to NSF standards. Higher performance is assured by greater contact time through depth filtration with activated carbon media.

This cartridge exhibits lower inital pressure drop and lower, sustainable operating pressure drops than the comparable cartridges, extending service life.

The solid depth of activated carbon media dramatically extends contact time and chlorine removal efficiency for up to 9,000 gallons (32,069 liters).

CUNO, along with major food service equipment manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, and national chain customers, has developed Recipe Quality Water specifications for food service equipment and products produced. CUNO Food Service offers complete solutions for complete store applications.