Approximately 70% of ice machine equipment failures are water related. Ice is composed of 100% water.

Designed to reduce unscheduled service calls associated with corrosion, sediment and scale build up in commercial cubers and flakers.

IMPACTechnology (Integrated Membrane Pre-Activated Carbon) media combines a high surface area pleated media and a pre-activated carbon block in a single cartridge to dramatically reduce pressure drop, provide higher throughputs and longer cartridge life, while eliminating the need for pre-filtration.

This unique technology combines sediment, cyst and bacteria reduction with chlorine taste and odour reduction in a single cartridge. Cartridges with scale prevention technology and chloramine reduction are also available.

For the 0.2 micron rated products, water first flows through a patented multi-zone, pleated nylon membrane which provides exceptionally high surface area. The first zone – with larger openings – retains the large particles like sediment and rust. The finer second zone traps the smallest contaminants like cyst and bacteria and gives a final polish.Water then flows through a pre-activated carbon block to reduce chlorine taste and odour and other organics. The patented rigid block ensures that no carbon fines are released into the water.