Wedeco Spektron

The WEDECO Spektron series shines new light on the environmentally friendly process of using UV disinfection for drinking water. Featuring highly effi cient ECORAY® UV lamp technology and advanced fl ow distribution, the Spektron series suits modern drinking water treatment plants, regardless of local pipe conditions, energy costs or local legal requirements.

The Spektron range covers a wide array of applications from domestic water supply and industrial uses to large municipal water plants with a capacity of more than one thousand m3/h per unit. Equipped with a chemical-free wiping system, Spektron reactors can handle water qualities as low as 70% UV transmittance (UVT).

The product range meets the requirements of recognized regulations for safe and environmentally friendly water disinfection: they are certifi ed according to Austrian ÖNORM, German DVGW directives, and are validated according to US EPA´s UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM).

Superior UV monitoring & control devices enable variable power output (dose pacing), resulting in excellent performance while minimizing energy consumption under all operating conditions.